On behalf of Holland Township Police Department and Office of Emergency Management, I
would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting our website.   We hope you will
find it to be both valuable and informative.  We welcome you to take the time to offer
suggestions that will help us service the community better and provide us with valuable
information in our efforts to keep our community a safer place.  It is my hope that this site
will better our working relationship in the community and give the residents a forum to
address their concerns in making our home a safe one.  Please visit our Contact Us page to let
us know how we are doing.

- Chief Sean P. Gutsick


                                                                MISSION STATEMENT -

The Holland Township Police Department is committed to providing the highest quality of policing service to
our community and the citizens we pledge to serve and protect.  Our officers are required to adhere to professional,
ethical and legal standards in the enforcement of motor vehicle and criminal laws of our Township and State of New
Jersey.  Keeping our community safe so citizens can enjoy the qualities of life is a continuing goal through our working in
partnership with the residents of Holland Township, the business community and government leaders.  Continuous
in-service training and adhering to the highest ethical standards will assure the public of the finest police
response in their time of need.

                                                                    CORE VALUES

- Our Integrity ensures that actions taken in the pursuit of our mission are ethical, and promote the
philosophy of the greatest good.

SENSE OF DUTY -Our sense of Duty recognizes the importance of our mission to the township we serve. It ensures that
we always remember that we are a part of something much bigger than ourselves.

EXCELLENCE IN ALL WE DO -We strive for Excellence by continuing improvement in self and service in order to propel
our agency further and to achieve greater accomplishment and performance for ourselves and our community.

2020 Holland Township Police Department, NJ

The Holland Township Police Department is committed to providing an ultimate and transparent level of professional policing to the
community and public it serves.

This is completed through a rigorous and transparent approach to ensure that all New Jersey statutory laws, Attorney General Guidelines,
Hunterdon County Prosecutor Directives and mandated training is completed and adhered to. The Holland Township Police has dedicated
itself through our Mission and Value statements to continually collaborate with the community we serve to strengthen, adapt and improve
our delivery of police services to the public regardless of age, religion, color, race, gender or sexual orientation. The Holland Township
Police Department and its Officers continually strives to reinforce and strengthen our trust with the public that ALL will be treated fairly and
equally.   To learn more about the Excellence in Policing Initiative, visit