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2015 Meetings

that the Holland Township Emergency Management Council, Township of Holland,
County of Hunterdon, New Jersey, will hold their regular meetings on the following dates in 2015 at 7:00 pm at the
Holland Township Municipal Building, 61 Church Road, Milford, New Jersey.  

March 16,2015  MINUTES
June 15, 2015
September 21, 2015  
December 21, 2015

Archived Minutes
2015 Council Members:
Chief John D. Harris, Jr.
EM Coordinator / Chief of Police
Detective Sean Gutsick
Deputy EMC / Police / Operations
Gail Rader
Deputy EMC / Shelter
Richard Botto, Jr.
Committeeman Anthony Roselle
OEM Liaison
Deputy Mayor Daniel Bush
Public Information Officer
Chief Steven Underhill
Tom Welsh (Alt)
Fire Chief
Chief Larry Lutz
Rescue Squad
Alan Turdo
Township Road Department
Ed Pico
Abigail Postma (Alt)

Holland Twp School Admin / Sch Board Sec
Detective Sean Gutsick
911 Coordinator
Richard Botto, Jr.
Hazmat Safety Officer
Jeremy Hewens, MD
Carla Jardim, MD
Hunterdon Medical Center
Del Val Family Health Center
Donna Lizanich
Board of Health
Lisa DiStefano (CERT Train the Trainer)
Damage Assessment
Rick Epstein
Hunterdon County Democrat
Frank Miechur
Neil Macintosh (Alt)
Supervisor, GenOn Energy
Michael Allison
EHS Coordinator,
Georgia Pacific Corrugated III, LLC

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