Holland Township Police DEPARTMENT
Hunterdon County, New Jersey
How do you get a copy of an incident report and/or motor vehicle crash report?
Reports are available at police headquarters Monday - Friday between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm.  Please
allow a minimum of five business days for all reports to be completed.  For more information
click here.

How do you apply for a New Jersey Firearms Identification Card and/or Permit to Purchase a
If you are a current Holland Township resident, please click here for information on firearms.

How do you apply for a handicap placard?
If you are a Holland Township resident, please click here for information on handicap placards.

Where do you go to get fingerprints taken and/or a background check?
Due to a new mandated process by the State of New Jersey, fingerprinting for all non criminal justice
inquiries must be processed by MorphoTrak, who provides live scan (electronic fingerprinting).  For
more information
click here. The department will fingerprint township residents who supply the
fingerprint cards.  Please call (908) 995-4670 to see if an officer is available for fingerprinting.

How do you make a payment for a summons that was received from the Holland Township
Police Department?
All payments are made directly to the Joint Court of the Delaware Valley.  For more information, click

Does the Holland Township Police Department accept unwanted, expired medicines?
Yes.  You can dispose of your unused, expired medications in the lobby of the police department.  For
more information,
click here.

Does the Holland Township Police Department have a School Resource Officer?
Yes.  The Holland Township Police Department and the Holland Township School have been working
together in educating students about issues such as drug abuse, bullying, etc.  Patrolman Harry Hults
currently serves as the department's School Resource Officer.  To reach Patrolman Hults, please call
(908) 995-2804 ext. 503 or email him at

Does Holland Township have an Alarm Ordinance?
Yes, Holland Township does have an alarm ordinance.  To view the ordinance, click here.

How do you notify the police that you are going away?
If you would like to be put on the house check list, please contact (908) 995-4670.  For more details,
click here.

Who do you notify about a dead deer that needs to be removed from the roadway?
Call (908) 995-4670 and advise dispatch the location of the deer.  For more information, click here.
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